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Biologically Active Ingredients *

Making it easier for your body to absorb and use the vitamins and minerals.


Accounts for MTHFR Mutation

Follows recommendation guidelines for those who have been diagnosed with MTHFR.

Contains Metafolin®

The biologically active form of folic acid that is easily absorbed and will not build toxicity.

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Restore has dramatically changed my long-term struggle with migraine headaches. I am no longer taking prescription medication for migraines. I simply take two Restore-Me capsules a day and I no longer suffer with headaches



Karen G Brandon

A friend suggested I try RESTORE ME.  I like to stay healthy, I take vitamins, but I am not obsessed with every term, trend, fad or article in the fuzzy news.

I have taken RESTORE ME for about a 1 1/2 months.  It was gradual, but within 2 weeks, I felt better and felt like my energy rejuvenated quicker.
One thing that was very obvious, is when I took a 3 day trip, which I did not take along the RESTORE ME bottle.  It was noticeable the lethargic cloud hanging over my head while on the trip.  BUT, when I returned, within 1 day, taking RESTORE ME, I was back to high gear.  
I do take Vitamin B, but with my age I think I may not be processing it as I once was. This small addition to my diet, makes a difference to me.  I am active and over 50.  My mind is stuck with thinking I am in my 40's.
I hardly ever write testimonials, or reviews. My schedule is very busy.  But this product deserved it and the time.   
Thank you, well done.
Jeff Thornton

I have been using this product for a couple of years now. Restore has truly changed my life in a positive way. Before Restore I was experiencing up to 2-3 migraines per week. The migraines were becoming debilitating. I was not able to tolerate the common migraine prevention meds. Fortunately a physician I work with informed me about Restore. Honestly I was skeptical at first. But fortunately and to my surprise Restore worked! After 2 weeks my migraines diminished significantly. Then after a month I wouldn't even worry about possibly having a migraine. I rarely suffer from a migraine now. My migraines reduced from initially over 15 migraines/month to about 1 migraine every four or so months. That's amazing! I highly recommend this product. Also, is a great prenatal vitamin. Restore has also been shown to help improve neuropathy (such as idiopathic
peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy) and fibromyalgia along with other medical conditions. I work in the medical field and have witnessed first hand patients improve with this product. I highly recommend it!. "

Isaac B.


Does Restore Me contain any soy ingredients?


Is Restore Gluten Free?

Yes, Restore Me is completely gluten free.

Does Restore Me contain lactose, milk/dairy, preservatives or dyes?

No. Restore Me does not contain lactose, milk/dairy, preservatives or dyes?

Does taking Restore Me alongside other medications have any negative effects?

Side effects of taking Restore Me are rare. If any side effects occur, stop using Restore Me.

Do you suggest taking Restore Me in conjunction with another multivitamin?

We discourage taking other multivitamins with Restore Me. It may be taken with other supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids, ubiquinol and probiotics. 

Should I take Restore Me on an empty stomach?

You can take Restore Me on an empty stomach but the healthcare professionals that created the formula recommend taking it with food.  

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