Attention All RestoreMe Customers

Our current inventory has a “sell by” shelf life until the end of September 2024. Please plan your order accordingly. We will have new products with a new “sell-by” shelf life arriving at the end of August and beginning of September. Thank you for your business. 

What People Are Saying…

A friend suggested I try RESTORE ME. I take vitamins to stay healthy, but I’m not obsessed with every trend or article. After taking RESTORE ME for 1 1/2 months, I noticed a gradual improvement in my energy levels within 2 weeks. On a 3-day trip without it, I felt lethargic. But once I returned and took RESTORE ME for just one day, I was back to high gear. This small addition to my diet makes a difference for an active person over 50 like me, who still thinks they’re in their 40s. Despite my busy schedule, I felt compelled to write this testimonial because this product deserves it.

-Jeff T.

My doctor diagnosed severe food intolerances and a genetic mutation called C677T MTHFR, responsible for folate uptake in the brain.  Luckily, we tried a more affordable and effective Restore. This supplement contains bioavailable folate and essential vitamins for better absorption. Restore has been highly recommended by my doctor and endocrinologist, and my family members have already started experiencing memory recall improvement. I recommend Restore to preserve and repair brain function and help protect against Alzheimer’s. It’s concerning that pharmaceutical options like Cerefolin/Deplin are prescribed for Alzheimer’s without highlighting the potential vitamin deficiency as a contributing factor. Knowledge is power.


“I have been taking RestoreMe and I could hardly get out of the house, and get into the car. Now I am thinking about getting out and mowing my lawn. RestoreMe has helped me a lot, I would recommend it to anyone.”

-Scott B, Tennessee

“Huge increase in energy, less brain fog for sure. Loving the vitamin. It also helped my hair thicken up too.”

-Lisa G.

“I heard about Restore Me on the Doctor Bob Martin show on the radio, so I figured I would give it a try. I noticed within about a month that I started feeling better but what surprised me the most is my friends started noticing changes in me. I had slipped and fell about a year and a half ago, leaving a large bald spot on the back of my head. It has been there with no change this whole time. Not only is the bald spot almost gone now but my hair is growing in darker, and growing faster. The nice young lady I spoke to at Restore said it was likely because of the increase in my circulation, and I don’t doubt that at all. The supplement is the only change I’ve made. All of my friends are taking RestoreMe now too.”

-Anna H., New Mexico

“Restore has dramatically changed my long-term struggle with migraine headaches. I am no longer taking prescription medication for migraines. I simply take two Restore-Me capsules a day and I no longer suffer with headaches.”

-Karen B.