What People Are Saying

“A friend suggested I try RESTORE ME.  I like to stay healthy, I take vitamins, but I am not obsessed with every term, trend, fad or article in the fuzzy news.

I have taken RESTORE ME for about a 1 1/2 months.  It was gradual, but within 2 weeks, I felt better and felt like my energy rejuvenated quicker.

One thing that was very obvious, is when I took a 3 day trip, which I did not take along the RESTORE ME bottle.  It was noticeable the lethargic cloud hanging over my head while on the trip.  BUT, when I returned, within 1 day, taking RESTORE ME, I was back to high gear.  
I do take Vitamin B, but with my age I think I may not be processing it as I once was. This small addition to my diet, makes a difference to me.  I am active and over 50.  My mind is stuck with thinking I am in my 40’s.
I hardly ever write testimonials, or reviews. My schedule is very busy.  But this product deserved it and the time.   
Thank you, well done.

Jeff Thornton

“I have been taking RestoreMe and I could hardly get out of the house, and get into the car. Now I am thinking about getting out and mowing my lawn. RestoreMe has helped me a lot, I would recommend it to anyone.

Scott Bowen, Owen Tennessee

“I heard about Restore Me on the Doctor Bob Martin show on the radio, so I figured I would give it a try. I noticed within about a month that I started feeling better but what surprised me the most is my friends started noticing changes in me. I had slipped and fell about a year and a half ago, leaving a large bald spot on the back of my head. It has been there with no change this whole time. Not only is the bald spot almost gone now but my hair is growing in darker, and growing faster. The nice young lady I spoke to at Restore said it was likely because of the increase in my circulation, and I don’t doubt that at all. The supplement is the only change I’ve made. All of my friends are taking RestoreMe now too.

Anna Hack, New Mexico”

Restore has dramatically changed my long-term struggle with migraine headaches. I am no longer taking prescription medication for migraines. I simply take two Restore-Me capsules a day and I no longer suffer with headaches

Karen G Brandon

“My doctor, who diagnosed severe food intolerances as well as C677T MTHFR genetic mutation, which is responsible for folate uptake in the brain (folate is a brain vitamin in the CSF that bathes the brain). My Dr. first put me on Deplin/Cerefolin to combat my low vitamin levels/word recall/memory deficits. Before starting the folate, I had extreme trouble recalling my words, finishing sentences, or holding a thought while attempting a conversation. My words were simply just lost, and trying to be social had become very depressing. Deplin/Cerefolin were very expensive and not covered by insurance, over $200 a month. My birth defects are known as “neural tube defects”, Caused by my mom not having enough folate while pregnant. My mom’s sister also tested positive for the same MTHFR mutation, which reinforces my beliefs about birth defects related to folate, as well as giving an explanation to the above average incident rate of Alzheimer’s of our deceased family members due to our brains being void of necessary vitamins. My aunt began the same prescription, Cerefolin, because she also couldn’t find her words, finish a sentence or maintain a conversation, but also was also forgetting her activities of daily life. I am pleased to say that she recovered her ability to recall words, maintain conversations, and remember how to care for herself pretty quickly after starting the supplement, 6 months to a year. She is the eldest sibling of 6, yet now has the best memory of them all. I recovered my word recall as well on the folate supplement, however, due to my neurological disease of Intracranial Hypertension and Chiari malformation, my brain still struggles at times due to the stress it is under, and the stagnant CSF from flow obstruction. Maintaining the supplement is necessary for both me and my aunt. Luckily, my Dr. changed us over to Restore from Cerefolin several years ago. It is a FRACTION of the cost and has the bioavailable form of folate as well as all of the other vitamins needed to aid in absorption. (& it doesn’t have any DAIRY or GLUTEN!) My Dr. has seen so many patients improve both eyesight and memory on Restore, he stocks it in his office so his patients can easily get it. My endocrinologist also highly recommends Restore to her patients, she can hardly keep it in stock due to the need & demand from her patients. It is my hope that my entire family will be on this wonderful supplement, my mother and father have begun it, but only for a short time. My father has already experienced memory recall improvement in less than 2 months on it. I would HIGHLY recommend Restore to anyone wanting to repair or protect the brain, especially memory. I’m putting my faith in it to help keep Alzheimer’s at bay, and I truly believe it is a key to doing so! (PS. Cerefolin/Deplin are Rx’s used for Alzheimer’s, it’s pretty upsetting to think that a contributor is a vitamin deficiency yet the medical community doesn’t alert the public about this. Knowledge is power.)