Attention All RestoreMe Customers

Our current inventory has a “sell by” shelf life until the end of September 2024. Please plan your order accordingly. We will have new products with a new “sell-by” shelf life arriving at the end of August and beginning of September. Thank you for your business. 

Wholesale Application

Applying to be a wholesaler for RestoreMe Vitamins is a straightforward process that opens up numerous business opportunities. Potential partners can access competitive pricing, exclusive promotions, and dedicated customer support. The application involves providing business details and agreeing to terms and conditions. Approved wholesalers gain access to bulk ordering, marketing materials, and priority shipping. This partnership helps retailers offer premium vitamins to their customers, boosting sales and ensuring a reliable supply chain. 


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Wholesale/Reseller Application

Wholesale/Reseller Application

I understand that RestoreMe reserves the right to approve or reject applications at its discretion.
I understand that by submitting this application, I am agreeing to abide by RestoreMe's Wholesale Agreement.